Some more OS4 SDK information

Date 3-Jan-2004 15:30:27
Topic: Software News

Hans-Jörg Frieden shared some more information within this AmigaWorld thread about the upcoming OS4 SDK which will be available on the Developer Pre-Release CD.

Rogue wrote:

GCC 2.95.3 and GCC 3.4 have been ported to OS 4 native (and as a cross compiler for Linux/x86, Linux/PPC, Windows/Cygwin, Darwin/PPC, AmigaOS 3.x/m68k)

The SDK will also contain gdb, the Gnu Debugger.

Then there's vbcc. vbcc is Frank Wille's contribution, I don't know if it will be contained in the SDK directly, but it will in any case be downloadable.

The SDK also contains a number of additional utilities, among them "fdtrans", which is a program to convert old-style SFD files into next-gen XML files.

XML files are used by the program "idltool", which is a program that converts these XML files into all sort of output files (much like fd2pragma or SFD before). idltool is primarily used to generate all required include files for an OS 4 style library, but it can also generate a skeleton source code for a library, so that a programmer only has to write an XML file, turn it into source code, and add the functions to it. This should make it easier to write libraries in OS 4.

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