Announcement about FreeCiv

Date 4-Jan-2004 10:50:36
Topic: News

We opened a forum here to cater for FreeCiv issues and the competition: AW Freeciv Forum

In the meantime apologies for the short delay in kicking off the competition, there have been a number of leaves on the line to clear...

Yep through overwork, overindulgance over the festive period and sheer idleness with all the great Xmas period TV on we haven't finished everything we need to do to launch the freeciv competition. Yet.

We are about to publish the final details for the rules and put the fixtures into the match database for you to sign up to ready for next weeks gaming start.

Once we have done all that we will report back to with all the missing details.

Edit - We moved the forums to the main site

DaveP and IanS.

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