AMIGAplus issue 01/2004 (#143) - Amiga hits MTV

Date 16-Jan-2004 9:36:57
Topic: News

She was the video-monster of a whole decade. It should increase the pride of the last Amiga men standing that even today many clips on MTV are created on Amigas and Dracos. "Amiga hits MTV" - AMIGAplus on tour at iMagic Films in London. Read this report and more articles in the new issue #143 (01/2004) of AMIGAplus:

. A+ at iMagic Films
. Workshop: Compiling UAE
. Report: Amiga on Mac OS X
. Review: Burnit Evolution 3
. Review: papyrus Office
. TurboPrint: Printing through the network
. Review: eTeacher 6.2
. Amiga Status Report: Relations
. Web complete: Siteway
. Top 10 shareware-tools
. Quake 2 MOD: Nighthunters
. News: AmigaOS 4, software & hardware
. Prices: New and second-hand products
. Demoscene: Interview with Darkhawk (Eurochart)
. and much more

German monthly print magazine AMIGAplus (68 pages) may be ordered from publisher falkemedia for 5 Euro per issue including shipping costs or via subscription.

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