WHDLOAD 16.1 + Heaps of New Installers

Date 18-Jan-2004 21:14:12
Topic: Software News

The Whdload team does it again , and now we finally got 16.1 which adds new features to the list.

The new Whd package can be found
Whdload 16.1 Here

And All Installers + direct links to free games can be found at Whdload Game Installers

New Installers,

Tetris: The Soviet Challenge (NEW)

Falcon (Spectrum HoloByte) (NEW)

Gods (Bitmap Brothers) (UPDATED)

Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis (Lucas) (UPDATED)

Mind-Roll (Thalamus) (NEW)

Imperium (Electronic Arts) (UPDATED)

Rainbow Islands (Ocean) (UPDATED)

California Games 2 (Epyx) (NEW+UPD)

Barbarian (Palace) (NEW)

Life & Death (Software Toolworks/Mindscape) (NEW)

Dune (Cryo) (NEW)

Bubble And Squeak (Audiogenic) (UPDATED)

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