MiniShowPicture v1.5 released

Date 21-Jan-2004 23:42:55
Topic: Software News

Version 1.5 of the picture viewer MiniShowPicture has been released. Read more for some details.

MiniShowPicture is a great way to view pictures on your Amiga or Pegasos. You simply select a directory containing pictures, and the filenames will be displayed in a listview. You can click on the filenames or cursor up/down through them, and the pictures are viewed automatically and quickly. There are options to scale the pictures, etc.

This is probably one of the best ways to selectively view a lot of pictures on AmigaOS that I've found so far.

-you can see pictures in full screen
-preferences are saved in ENV
-picture draw routine is faster

Check out the screenshots on their site:
MiniShowPicture website

And download it here:
MiniShowPicture archive

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