JAmiga alpha 0.0.1 released

Date 25-Jan-2004 0:03:14
Topic: Software News

Alpha 0.0.1 of JAmiga has been released on January 23, 2004. You can download it here

From the ReadMe:

This is the first ALPHA release of JAmiga. It should feature MUCH enhanced stability on most machines. However, there is a major drawback: JIT has been reduced to methods that do NOT leave at all which reduces the amount of JITable methods significantly.

Additionally, this is the first release that actually opens an AWT Frame (Window) with Intuition.
Opening a Window is about all the AWT stuff does currently, so don't throw any heavy GUI apps at it (actually, don't throw ANY GUI app at it :) )

Networking has been left out for stability reasons in this release. It will only be added when we manage to have it running stable on our machines...

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