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Date 26-Jan-2004 14:43:29
Topic: Software News

The profesional BASIC programming language, Amiblitz2, has many improvements over the much older BlitzBasic2.

Thanks to Bernd Roesch and other cool people supporting it

Amiblitz2 has gotten:
-Many times faster compile time.
-An optimize feature
that can make programs go 3-4 times faster
than it would when compiled with BlitzBasic2.
-Several BlitzBasic2 related bugs fixed.

And many other improvements that BlitzBasic2 just seemed to lack.

You can get it here or at any other aminet mirror.

Amiblitz2 sources should also be compatible
with BlitzBasic2 sources,
(and vice versa)
but that is not a guarantee.
Maybe especially not from AB2 to BB2.


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