POSIX threads for 68k Amiga ported

Date 28-Jan-2004 22:33:10
Topic: Software News

This is to announce a straight clean port of Ralf S Engelschall's non-pre-emptive implementation of POSIX threading pth-1.4.0 to 68k Amiga. Read more for more information.

"It was only 1 days work to port as it has been so
cleanly written. However I thought it was worth an
announce as I had always thought that threading
was near impossible for 68k Amiga.

No idea why this never reached Geekgadgets or www.aminet.net,
:possibly because it takes a mighty amount of effort to
locate pth-1.4.0 especially if you didnt know it existed
till you found it and were only looking for libpthread.a

To see threading in action on a 68k Amiga,
download and run the example program:

"the 5 philosophers":


(requires just ixemul.library v48.0),

(I may upload some further examples later),

The port itself is 2 linker libraries for gcc,
libpthread.a and libpth.a,

(nothing to do with lip reading and taking the pith eh!)

to download the port visit:


Before this I wasted over a week attempting to port a
totally different pre-emptive threading implementation
of the same libpthread.a to 68k.


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