AmiGBG Update: AHI and Guru Meditation

Date 3-Feb-2004 11:59:30
Topic: Events

We have the pleasure to to announce that the man behind the sound system for Classic AmigaOS as well as for AmigaOS4 - Martin Blom - is an exhibitor at AmiGBG 2004.

Yet another Amiga company has surfaced! Guru Meditation will attend the fair and show both classic Amigas and the new AmigaONE / AmigaOS4!

Martin Blom, the man behind AHI - the unique sound system for both the classic and the new AmigaOS (OS4) - comes to AmiGBG 2004 to present his product AHI and tell us all some more about the development behind this very unique sound system for the AmigaOS.

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