Version 0.23 of SimpleMail released!

Date 7-Feb-2004 19:41:44
Topic: Software News

This program seems to be getting real momentum lately.



Version 0.23 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
AppIcon support (bgol)
mbox files can be imported to selected folders directly (bgol)
APOP support
Ported to MorphOS (henes)
Bug fixes


Version 0.22 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
Signatures can now be chooses on a per account and per folder base (bgol)
No longer needs to load the indexfile if you move mails to a folder
From field always missed the Realname. Fixed.
Happy new Year 2004!


Version 0.21 of SimpleMail released! The changes are:
Can import mbox files
Fixed memory leaks (bgol)
Layout of important list elememts are now stored via "Settings/Save Settings" too (bgol)
Basic Remote Filter: Mails which matches a filter are ignored
SimpleHTML support code is now inside a shared library
Ported to OS4
Describes now how spam itentfication can be used within the guide
Bug fixes and minor other improvements (see trackers at sf)
The SimpleMail Team wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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