Xbox 2 named?

Date 9-Jan-2003 23:28:40
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Xbox Next may be the name, and Mini-box to be released also ... or so they say

The rumor mill has it that Xbox 2's name has been picked. The new console will be called Xbox Next, according to several websites. Most point to the fact that Microsoft apparently registered the URL, though that really doesn't prove a thing.

Though the name is not 100 percent, the fact that Xbox is getting a sequel has been for a while, with Gates saying that it will pre-empt Sony's PS3 (rumored for a 2005 release).

Also, there are reports out there--don't ask where, they're just out there--that the Xbox is getting shrunk down for a re-release later this year. I wonder if they'll call it "Mini Xbox?" Of course we all know that a funky green machine is set to come out later this year as well.

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