Amiga Demoscene Archive: update

Date 17-Feb-2004 22:17:20
Topic: Internet News

On Amiga Demoscene Archive a lot of things have happened in the past weeks. Recently added productions include Cruisin1+2 by Abyss, How to skin a cat by Melon Dezign, Her Numbness by Industry and the everlasting techno stomper Jesus on E's by LSD.

We welcomed our 200th member last week (now 203) and a lot of votes/comments were added in last weeks. New features include statistics about A.D.A., top voters chart and top comments chart.

Latest additions are a personal profile which can be viewed when logged in. Here you can see how many comments/votes you have added and the average vote you gave.

Planet Potion and Desert Dream are still fighting for the top spot in the Top 30 charts, with Hardwired slowly building it's way to the top aswell. In their trail, stunning productions all fighting to earn a place in the top.

Be active, register and participate by voting as many demos as possible. Thank you!

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