Software Round Up

Date 18-Feb-2004 2:05:13
Topic: Software News

MakeCD: makecdromfs.module 45.12
makecdromfs.module 45.12 with Joliet and HFS support is now available for MakeCD.

microgolded Text edior released
microgolded is a simple yet powerful editor for AmigaOS, MorphOS and UAE.

The Latest version of makecdromds.module also fixes Various problems over previous version v45.11 You may download the latest version by clicking Here

It is a low cost variant of GoldED AIX, designed for basic editing tasks. The editor is released in form of a single executable, for placement in the system's c folder. microgolded is the ideal editor for the boot CD of your OS because it does not need to be installed: it does not need an assign, catalogs, custom libraries etc. It will run even if the AmigaOS startup-sequence is not functional.

microgolded is only available online for instant download (pay securely via paypal). The retail price is 10 EUR. On the launch day, the special retail price is only 5 EUR if you go to this page.

You can download a 30-day trial version here.


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