WinUAE (0.8.25) released

Date 21-Feb-2004 20:48:55
Topic: Software News

The latest release of the PC Amiga Emulator, WinUAE has been made available today, taking it to version 0.8.25.

Bugs fixed since 0.8.24:

  • DirectDraw error when starting WinUAE 0.8.24 if display card supports multiple heads and one or more head is disabled (also depends on display driver)
  • crash when starting emulation if more than 2 mouse-like devices are detected
  • floppy drive sound emulation volume level was not saved to config file
  • floppy drive sample rate conversion was broken, sound quality was very bad if selected sample rate was not 44100Hz.
  • multimouse support under Windows XP
  • bsdsocket emulation update, fixes CNet's SMTPd
  • uaescsi.device IDE ATAPI CDROM translation support, fixes PlayCD

New features:

  • right border is not clipped anymore if program uses overscan (Settlers, Pinball Illusions etc..)
  • fixed display corruption in some older programs (Mystic Tunes by Vertical, Bierkrug-tro by TEK, Forgotten Realms Slideshow '90 by Fraxion etc..)
  • AVIOutput improved, much faster recording if any software filter (null filter recommended) is enabled
  • readme.txt updated. (custom drive sounds, how to use multimouse etc..)

You can as always, find all the latest information on the WinUAE website.

You can get the ZIP version by clicking here (~2MB)

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