TV satellite dish for your car

Date 9-Jan-2003 23:43:38
Topic: Hardware News

The satellite dish made for your car has arrived. KVH Industries has designed the "TracVision in-motion satellite TV system," a dish package for backseat entertainment system-equipped automobiles (e.g., SUVs, luxury cars, and minivans) that will provide 300 DirecTV television stations as well as 50 channels of commercial-free radio.

The monthly cost for the service is expected to be less then US$10 a month. Future plans for the dish include the ability to provide high-speed Internet access. The price for the satellite system will be between US$2,000 and US$2,500.

The system should be available from consumer electronic retailers in the second quarter, since KVH plans for commercial delivery then. DirecTV and KVH still must work out a revenue-sharing agreement.

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