AmiZilla Shop opens and new GameShop plans

Date 23-Feb-2004 15:12:51
Topic: Internet News

DiscreetFX has announced that the new AmiZilla Shop has opened and that a new GameShop project has been started in an effort to help Amiga games developers. Read more for the full announcements.

DiscreetFX GameShop

DiscreetFX GameShop allows Amiga/Amiga OS 4.0/MorphOS & AROS game developers to focus on what their good at, developing a great game. Game Shop takes care of everything else, free web hosting, marketing, promotion, packaging and shipping. Free toll free number for sales and support, free downloads of demo versions of the game and works in progress from the GameShop web site.

In these sometimes troubled economic times GameShop fulfills a much needed requirement in this small but regrowing community. It gives new, small, resource hungry game developers a place to publish and host their games. Not all games that are submitted will make the cut but the ones that make it will have a lot less to worry about and can focus on making the best game possible. In the past the Amiga launched the careers of many great game developers. Bullfrog, Core Design & EA just to name a few. With GameShop we hope to spark some new careers for new game developers.

Today's game industry is rift with old worn out ideas that have be rehashed time and time again, have you played too many FPS or RTS games? With GameShop we are hoping to nurture new game developers with fresh ideas for the gaming industry. Now being broke does not mean your great game idea will not be published.

2004 should be a banner year for Amiga & Amiga compatible systems. All those new customers will need relaxing and entertaining games on their systems. And new game authors need free web hosting and low cost no nonsense publishing terms to get their titles available to that user base.

Would you like your game published through the Game Shop? Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Contact us at gameshop AT discreetfx DOT com.

2. Be ready to provided details about your game including screen shots, demo versions, development track record and or story boards.

3. Sign the easy to read, legalize free DiscreetFX contract.

4. Submit all graphics, HTML, demos Etc. that you want published on GameShop to DiscreetFX.

5. Get back to what counts the most, finishing the development of your new game.

Please contact me if you need further information or have questions.

AmiZilla Shop now open

DiscreetFX is always striving to find more ways to raise funds for the AmiZilla Project. We wish to motivate programmers to spend more time working on this contest so that Amiga/MorphOS/AROS users can also enjoy the rich browsing experience of the Mozilla/FireFox platform as soon as possible. Other Operating systems have enjoyed Netscape/Mozilla for years, even the ill fated BeOS. Amiga API based systems should no longer be missing out on this great application. Programming of course takes time, effort and hard work. Porting Mozilla/FireFox is of course a difficult but reachable goal. Some members of the community have been hoping for rapid progress for AmiZilla.

But for a team of programmers to be interested in spending more time on the project the incentive must be higher. So today we are opening the AmiZilla Shop, here your able to buy in stock AmiZilla merchandise and have it shipped within 1-3 days. All proceeds minus manufacturing go to the AmiZilla Booty which has almost 100 members including a former Netscape Executive. Enjoy your AmiZilla products now and help build an even higher contest winning for the AmiZilla programmers. Use your AmiZilla products proudly and have yourself added to a growing list of AmiZilla supports. AmiZilla, with your efforts will succeed and help grow the respect for Amiga/MorphOS/AROS and increase the user base beyond its current levels.

There may be no future for Amiga type systems without a standard web browser platform like Mozilla/FireFox. We have built a online store for your shopping pleasure with a wide variety of products. Even if you can only afford to buy a $5 sticker every little bit helps AmiZilla. Or if your more adventurous maybe a AmiZilla thong for your girlfriend or a nice sweater will be more to your liking.

Best regards
Bill Panagouleas
DiscreetFX Founder/CEO
bill AT discreetfx DOT com

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