Motorola introduces the 7447A G4

Date 24-Feb-2004 7:48:48
Topic: Hardware News

Motorola's chip division today updated its G4-class PowerPC processor, the MPC7447, taking the part to 1.5GHz, while allso making it run cooler and adding on the fly clock adjustment.

At 1.42GHz, the chip consumes 20W of power, Motorola claims, which compares well to the 7447's 21.3W at 1.33GHz. The company also mentions a lower power version of the 7447A that consumes less than 9.3W at 1.167GHz, which seems no better than the old 7447's claimed 7.5W at 1GHz. The low-power 7447A has a core voltage of 1.1V; the regular 7447A runs at 1.3V.

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