Elbox Winter Promotion

Date 25-Feb-2004 19:25:06
Topic: Announcement

The last month of calendar winter has begun in Krakow. You are welcome to take part in our Winter Promotion on this occasion. Till 20 March 2004 every customer purchasing in Elbox On-line Store can enjoy our winter discount on all the items.

The discount is calculated automatically and deducted from the value of goods purchased.

The discount corresponds with the current temperature in Krakow:
The colder, the higher discount!
For every degree below zero Centigrade you get 1% discount!

You can check the current weather in Krakow using the on-line camera. Today's minimum temperature in Krakow is - 6.4 C. So you can have 6% discount!

For details, see the Special Offer page.

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