AOS4 Midlands Demo and Party Exclusive!

Date 28-Feb-2004 19:11:49
Topic: Events

We are very pleased to announce that Alan Redhouse has given our event a *free AmigaOne Mini ITX Developer Board which we will raffle at our event!
Not wanting to be left out Ben Hermans of Hyperion-Entertainment will donate a free copy of AOS4 to the lucky winner when it is available for this particular model

Admittance is a mere 2.50 per person, whilst Raffle tickets are 3 each.

What else?
* free buffet
* Drinks at low prices!
* AmigaOnes with OS4 for you to see and try.
* Starts 17:00 ends 23:00
* Music
* DJ
* Ample Parking
* Plenty of nearby Guest houses at cheap prices.

Bring your partners and friends and party till late.

The Midlands AOS4 and Pre-Release party is taking place at, Stafford Hall, Hampton Court, Westwood, Peterborough, on Saturday, 13th of March!.

Maps to the event can be found via:


*(Disclaimer) Please note Eyetech wish to point out that this board is meant for users that are technically capable. Support for this developer board will be limited to the AmigaOne one purchaser mailing list only.

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