SB128 AHI/PPC OS4 driver and Mixer utility in beta

Date 5-Mar-2004 9:06:18
Topic: Announcement

Ross Vumbaca has released his "SB128" AHI/PPC driver for OS4 into beta

"SB128" is a generic name for the low cost PCI sound cards manufactured
by Creative Labs, and sold under various names, such as:

Sound Blaster Vibra
Sound Blaster 128
Sound Blaster 64(V)

These cards are all based around the Ensoniq family of audio chips,
comprised of:


The PPC native driver fully supports all the above chips, for playback
or recording at 16 Bit, Stereo, 8 - 48 KHz.

The "SB128" cards sold by Eyetech to AmigaOne purchasers are of the
"EV1938" type.

To add further to the good news, Davy Wentzler has released a Mixer
utility which will be included with OS4.

This fully featured mixer allows you to independently adjust or mute all
the inputs (CD, Video, Aux, Line In, Mic In) and outputs (PCM, Master)
of all OS4 supported sound cards.

The mixer also supports loading and saving of settings (including
automatic loading of settings on startup), and can be conveniently used
as a Workbench Commodity.

Davy is also currently working on support for two more audio cards.

One is a high end 'pro-sumer' card, and the other a professional level
card, to address the need for higher-end cards with digital I/O, by the
more demanding user.

More news on this will follow in the coming weeks.

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