TAM: Killing two birds with one Stone!!

Date 6-Mar-2004 11:26:15
Topic: Announcement

Bird One!
Issue 17 of Total Amiga Magazine is now in the post and will be with UK and European subscribers in the next few days, with worldwide delivery a few days shortly after that.

Bird Two!
OS4 - THE BIG BASH! Website is now up at http://www.os4.co.uk - turn up to win that Micro ITX A1!!

Total Amiga Magazine
If you have not checked out Total Amiga Magazine, you can purchase individual issues from a list of Amiga dealers world wide, available on our website. Alternatively, we offer all our sold out issues for free download.

Total Amiga Magazine, Issue 17 will also be available for purchase at....

OS4 The Big Bash!
Find out, how to get there, ticket price, accomodation, prize draw, etc! If you are interested in partying the night away, this is the event of 2004! Turn up or miss out on this once in a lifetime party!!!!

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