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Date 6-Mar-2004 16:54:50
Topic: Announcement is proud to announce a soon-to-be-released web site that is designed to provide free services that meet the needs of the Amiga community. will strive to offer all the features the community has been craving. This site will deliver all the things most Amigans have discussed or thought about (`wouldn't it be great if.'). With the help of the Amiga public, this site will evolve quickly to meet these needs, but it requires the support of the entire community. We will very shortly announce a release date for this site.

You will be able to see for yourself by keeping an eye on

We will soon be inviting all Amigans to visit to voice your thoughts about what the ultimate Amiga community-based web site should offer.

This is what the site will include initially:
* A Project and Developer Sponsorship Program
* A Software catalogue library (Boingware library)
* A Development material library
* A Software release management system (to help developers bring their products to market at no cost).


In more detail.

AmigaOS Project & Developer Sponsorship Program

1. Developer and Project Nomination
2. Nominated Developer Voting
3. On-line donation of money, via e-commerce or cheque, money order etc.

How it operates:

* Donate to any `pending' or current projects available to the community
* Display donation totals and your allocations. That is, show your donation amounts (as well as the total combined donation) for the projects you selected
* Move donations between `pending' projects (once a project is made active, your donation is allocated to that project)
* Automatically view the progress of each project to which you provided a donation (as well as all other projects via a general list)
* Receive a refund of your donations for projects that are not completed or initiated at your request.

Boingware Library
`Boingware' is our new term to specify Amiga shareware, freeware and demoware. Therefore, the Boingware library is a collection of these items (similar to

This library has the following features:
* User Registration
* Support for Amiga Classic, Amiga OS4 and AmigaDE Boingware.
* Boingware Library Search Engine
* Community uploading of Boingware
* Community downloading of Boingware
* Mobile/Handset Access Point.
* Boingware rating and reviewing System (we will be hoping to provide reviews from Amiga development officials)

DevShare Library
This is an area where developers can share information, source code etc.

This library has the following features:
* Materials such and Documentation, Manuals and source code.
* Support for Amiga Classic, Amiga OS4 and AmigaDE development material.
* DevShare Library Search Engine
* Community uploading of DevShare material
* Community downloading of DevShare material
* DevShare material rating and reviewing System.


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