Assembly 2003 Double-DVD on sale

Date 6-Mar-2004 19:39:08
Topic: Announcement

For all those sceners out there, a special treat is in store for you...

Bjorn Lynne has for your delight, "The Assembly 2003 party DVD" compilation!

This 2 DVD extravaganza includes:
  • All of the amazing works of art from the ASSEMBLY '03 competitions ready to run on your PC. That includes ALL competitions (art, demos, intros, music, etc.)
  • DVD video conversions of the best ASSEMBY '03 demos ready for enjoyment on your TV screen
  • Video recordings from the ASSEMBLY '03 ARTtech Seminars (on Disc 2)
  • Blasting photos and party reports of from those great four days during August 2003
  • Great extras including Outdoor Concert audio tracks and the ASSEMBLY '03 invitation intro

The Assembly '03 Double DVD-ROM is even better than the previous year's production. The browsing interface is massively improved, and Disc 2 is now a bonus disc with DVD-Video material -- featuring several of the best demos shown in DVD-Video (in addition to having the executable files on Disc 1, of course).

ALL the entries from ALL the contests are included, as well as extra bonus materials like video from seminars and "non computer" related contests -- and a whole bunch of other fantastic content... just TOO much to mention all, really!

As always, you can purchase this product from Bjorn Lynne's website for the little sum of $19.95 USD.

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