Summary of AmigaOS4 presentation in Bremen

Date 8-Mar-2004 21:16:28
Topic: Events

At the "Computer&Video-Börse" fair in Bremen, Germany, Hyperion developers Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden presented the latest version of AmigaOS4 and answered relating questions. Read more for an English summary of Thorsten Mampel's contribution to the German portal. First pictures from this event are available here.

Edited by DaveP - innaccuracies now italicized

With the current version of AmigaOS4 the pre-release is expected to become available to all AmigaOne owners within the upcoming 14 days. Currently there is still an error with regard to the interaction between USB and IDE. This will soon get fixed.

All desired functionality has already been integrated into AmigaOS4. Currently work is done on merging a PPC native version Picasso96 with the OS, but the 68k version already works. Also Warp3D works and this was proved by demonstrating Frog noise and a demo version of Freespace.

The USB-Stack is implemented and works. Keyboard, Mice and Joysticks should function, but the MassStorage-Class for USB-Sticks and Memory cards is still missing.

The Onboard-Sound for the AmigaOne does not work due to a hardware failure. Currently this means that people would need an additional soundcard. The MicroA1 does not share this problem. Support for the SoundBlaster128 is under development.

Bluetooth and SCSI support are planned for later versions.

The default 68k-Emulator is currently an Interpreter. The JIT-Compiler Petunia already functions but its automatic use is yet to be implemented.

The integration of the Forefront driver system still isn't completed. The test systems used Voodoo3 graphic cards because these are currently more stable than systems equipped with Radeon cards.

GRex support could not be converted because important developer information from its manufacturer is missing (apparently due to lack of interest on their part).

No final release date has been announced. The time needed for pending Beta-tests and problem solving cannot be determined with certainty.

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