Intel plans dual-core 64-bit server chip in 2005

Date 17-Jan-2003 12:57:02
Topic: Hardware News

Intel is to add a lower-priced single processor to its Itanium line later this year and will add a dual-core processor to its Itanium family of 64-bit server chips in 2005.

Lisa Graff, director of the Intel enterprise processor marketing group, said Intel will add a 6MByte cache to its Itanium 2 processor, codenamed Madison, this year and a 9MByte cache in 2004.

The Madison has a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, and larger caches would allow organisations to run complex software faster.

The lower-priced processor, codenamed Deerfield, will be configured for use in dual-processor servers and will offer the same clock speed and cache as the Madison chips.

Exisiting Itanium processors cost from $1,338 (828) for a chip with a 900MHz clock speed and a 1.5MByte cache to $4,226 (2,614) for a 1GHz processor with a 3MByte cache.

Intel's latest Itanium processor road map said the "Montecito" dual-core Itanium processor would be manufactured with the company's 90nm process technology.

The dual-core Montecito would feature two processors on a single piece of silicon, allowing it to execute operations faster than a dual-processor server.

Graff said the new Itanium chips are "absolutely aimed" at Sun Microsystems, which has the bulk of the high-end server market.

Sun spokesman Mark Richardson said: "Our road map keeps us well ahead of the competition. Nearly one out of every two 64-bit chips shipped is a SPARC processor."

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