970FX Maxing out @ 2.4ghz?

Date 15-Mar-2004 13:38:32
Topic: Hardware News

From the "hardware that migh be interesting in the future" departement, comes this little investigation of mine about the max clock of the 970FX, not that a 2.4Ghz 970FX powered Amiga would be slow mind you.

Link to the 970FX evaluation board page on IBMs home page.

Click on the "more" link after "Solution description" and you'll see this:

The Momentum Computer Maple Evaluation System and board is a reference design and software development platform for the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor and CPC925 Bridge. The baseboard is an ATX form factor and contains two 970FX processors that can operate up to 2.4GHz. The evaluation system is available in two configurations; a complete packaged system and the baseboard only. More information is available at www.970eval.com

As a side note from the www.970eval.com page

*PowerPC 970 NorthBridge.
Two point-to-point PowerPC interfaces, running at up to 1GHz.

As it seems unlikely that it's the CPC925 northbridge that is holding the 970FXs back, the conclution that it's the 970FX that is maxing out @ 2.4Ghz is not far off.

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