Commodore 64 and Vintage Game Console Rave Party

Date 16-Mar-2004 1:13:29
Topic: Events

From the guys that brought you the C64 at Myer Centre, Brisbane, Analogik is planning a Commodore 64 and Vintage Game Console Rave party in Brisbane, Australia - check out

Analogik is gearing up for a music event that will feature the finest original and remixed vintage computer platform music. Get ready for series of unique LIVE electronic music performances by our fine local and some exciting international acts.
Styles: Chip/8-bit/mod, Hard Techno, Acid and Breaks
City: Brisbane
Location & Date: TBA
Type: Music Performances / Visuals / Gallery / BYO Gear

They are looking for C64/C128/Amiga/Atari/ZX/SNES owners that are keen on showing their gear at the "machine room" of the rave.

Also, someone who has a C128D for sale!

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