Amiga vs Thendic Update: Amiga is Back!

Date 20-Mar-2004 7:32:14
Topic: News

Amiga Inc. has returned to the court, backed up with legal representation, new evidence and testimonies.

Update: Judge Robert S. Lasnik has replied to a motion (49) by Plaintiff Thendic Electronics Components to modify the order, granting specific performance. The judge denied extention of the License Agreement to include other operating systems other than the AmigaDE.

Update: MOTION for Relief from Judgment by Defendant Amiga Inc. Entered: 03/19/2004

With these resources, the defendant Amiga Inc. has managed to come up with a response to plaintiff's motion to modify order granting specific performance and no less than six declarations!

Among the names of those who have filed a declaration are:
Barrie J. Moss AKA "Fleecy" (Amiga Inc.), Evert Carton (Hyperion), Garry Hare (KMOS), Ray A. Akey (Amiga Inc.) and Bill McEwen (Amiga Inc.).

Notably, Ray A. Akey filed 11 new exhibits (exhibit A-J) along with his declaration, which are recurringly refered to throughout the defendant's response and declarations.

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