New Articia P specs and power point presentation of Articia I

Date 19-Mar-2004 23:58:27
Topic: Hardware News

The image that shows that the Articia P has received a speed bump (400Mhz DDR memory instead of 333Mhz and probably a bump of the CPU bus too) can be found here. This is the northbridge that will go into a future mATX board called the A1-XC according to Alan in his speech in Bath.

Original specs can be found on Mai's homepage, here.
The Power point presentation of the Articia I (p. 16) and Articia Is (p. 17), a IBM 970 capable northbridge from MAI logic, can be found here. And if you look at page 33 it mentions an OS4.

All of the above was found when digging through this page.

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