MicroA1-EZ on show at Club AMF

Date 23-Mar-2004 16:18:27
Topic: Hardware News

A sensational innovation revealed by Club AMF (* - details) on Saturday April 3... a new Amiga! For the first time in Switzerland, RELEC will show a new model of AmigaOne, the "MicroA1" PowerPC from Eyetech.

The MicroA1 is complete computer on a card of 170mm X 170mm, intended mainly for the industrial applications.

RELEC has integrated it in a compact case, which transforms it into really sensational micro-computer,the "MicroA1-EZ". This machine is designed to function with LinuxPPC and AmigaOS 4.0 operating systems.

In addition, the "Prerelease" of AmigaOS 4.0 and one AmigaOne G4-XE running Linux will be probably shown at this event.

(*)= all the complementary information, time, place... visit:

Club AMF (Amiga Multitask Force-Lausanne/Switzerland )


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Eyetech, home of the AmigaONE

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