2 High-end Terratec audio cards supported on A1

Date 25-Mar-2004 22:41:27
Topic: Announcement

Davy Wentzler has added A1/OS4 support for the Terratec Aureon Sky 5.1
(see here) and the professional Terratec Phase88 (see here).

These cards have 24-bit/96KHz capabilities and are based around the Envy24 and Envy24HT chipsets, which can be found on a number of high-end audio cards. Similar cards like the Aureon 7.1 Space and EWS88MT should work too, although they are currently untested.

With the Envy24 driver, support for cards like M-Audio Revolution 7.1, Prodigy192, M-Audio Delta and Audiophile cards are coming in reach. However, due to the fact that these cards can all be configured differently, they will not work out of the box, but support may be added later. Please send a mail to info@audio-evolution.com if you own any
of these cards and want to have support in the future.

As AHI programs tend to expect stereo 16-bit modes for recording and may crash when getting 32-bit data, the AHI inputs are defined as "Line in 16-bit", "Line in 24-bit", etc.
The 16-bit input modes will be compatible with all programs, but the 24-bit ones must have special support (AHIST_S32S mode). Also, because AHI can only handle stereo in/out, the Phase88 driver is merely a research device for the upcoming new audio system which will be able to fully use its 8 inputs and outputs.

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