Amiga Software: Pure Basic

Date 20-Jan-2003 13:04:40
Topic: Announcement

Xing Interactive are very proud to announce the release of the powerful and versatile programming language "Pure Basic". The product will be released in the second week of February 2003 and is available to consumers at the very competitive price of 29.95 Euro in DVD case packaging.

Pure Basic is more advanced and flexible then any of the other Basic programming languages currently on the market and it comes at a fraction of the price. The beauty of this product is the versatility though as you can develop your own games and applications on PC Windows, Linux or even AmigaOS! Speed is another unique selling point. Where other Basic programming languages crawl at a slow pace due to complex instruction translations Pure Basic shines by even outperforming C++ written code. If you ever wanted to program your own commercial quality games or applications in an easy to learn and even more easy to use language then this is your chance!

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