Hollywood 1.9 announcement

Date 29-Mar-2004 23:20:04
Topic: Software News

The next update for the Multimedia Application Layer Hollywood will be released together with the Hollywood Designer very soon. Hollywood 1.9 is a major update which has many new features and improvements. Here is a quick overview of what is new:

- General code optimization with dramatic speed improvements
- Over 50 new impressing transition effects (totalling in over 150 now!)
- Many new high-end effects like water ripples, strudel, wallpaper...
- Native version for WarpOS
- You can also compile scripts for WarpOS now
- Hollywood is fully localized now
- Support for polygon rendering and rectangles with round edges
- Software font styles are no longer limited to bitmap fonts
- Many new layer functions
- Exact script timing in milliseconds
- New sound functions
- Support for DraCo computers
- Event handler totally rewritten
- Cool new example programs
- Ready for Hollywood Designer!

Hollywood 1.9 is the ultimate Multimedia experience you can have on your Amiga computer.
It will be available in native versions for AmigaOS3, MorphOS and even WarpOS now. It
is ready to be used with the upcoming Hollywood Designer which will be released at the
same time. Have a look at the Airsoft Softwair homepage for some screenshots.

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