Amiga Future 48 (May/Jun 2004) published 5th of May

Date 20-Apr-2004 16:26:26
Topic: Announcement

On the 5th of March issue 48 (May/Juny 2004) of the Amiga Future will be published. The Amiga Future is available as subscription or single booklet directly at the editorship. The user can freely select whether he wants to suscribe the Amiga Future with or without our additional CD.

In this issue we have a detailed workshop "change to pegasos".

you found in this issue a preview from Gorky, Starfighter and many other articles.

You will find a detailed content listing, as well as samples, under

On the current CD you will find moreover exclusive masses of PD software.

Have a look at our news site. One of the most actual, German news sites for the Amiga:

Editors wanted:

We are looking for german booklet-editors as well as german online-editors for the Amiga Future.
Interested users should get in touch with or check out:

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