New DigiBoosterPro Demo for AmigaOS & MorphOS

Date 27-Apr-2004 13:23:54
Topic: Software News

Now is it so far. With publication of this newspost a new BETA demo version of Digibooster Professional is availble.

DBPro is a sample based music editor program (a so called tracker) and allows you to use

* over 60 commands
* DSP echo
* up to 128 channels
* up to 255 samples
* and much more

for creating your own Music.

With a little patience, interest and some feeling for rhythm within your venes you will soon discover all those various possibilities for producing music with Digibooster Professional.

We wish you thereby much success and fun!

The NEW Demoversion is executable under Amiga OS as well as MorphOS. So far us NO NEW tests are present for the executability of this new demo version under the operating systems specified above!

Your impressions (experiences, executability, problems...) you have won with this demo or generally with Digibooster Professional, we would be pleased, if you tell us these.

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