Interview with Susumu Hirasawa (Japanese Musician)

Date 29-Apr-2004 16:55:22
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Susumu Hirasawa is a famous Japanese musician and a long time Amiga user. He is born on 2nd April 1954 in Tokyo. In 1979 make his debut in the world of Japanese Techno Pop, with the P-Model group, under the label of Warner Pioneer. The group ride the wave of succes of the Techno music, that in those years influences also the fashion and the design, obtaining great visibility above all thanks to theirs innovative sound. In 1984 he discovers Amiga...continue

Complete Interview on Ikir Sector (IkS), the italian alternative computing portal. Questions about his Interactive Show, his Amiga passion and AmigaOne/OS4.

Interview (English version)

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