Alan Redhouse visits AmigaOS4 Event in Essen and OS4 on CPPC

Date 1-May-2004 16:04:13
Topic: Events

Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) visits AmigaOS4 Event in Essen(Germany) and AmigaOS4 demonstrated on CyberstormPPC

Alan Redhouse (Eyetech Group Ltd.) will pay a visit to AmigaOS4 Event in Essen on May 15th. Among other things, Ralf Toenjes (OS4 Betatester) demonstrates the latest AmigaOS4 version on his A4000 with CyberstormPPC.

Furthermore, in the next few days a schedule will be published that indicates when which person will be there. Further information can be found on the official AmigaOS4 Event website.

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