Issue 35 of the Crypt is now out

Date 3-May-2004 18:33:00
Topic: Announcement

The Crypt 35 - Planet Exploration is ready and waiting to be explored!

This time we PROBE into the Solar System, and MARSvel at the wonders of the planets that surround us.

We find SPACE for a look into two of the Linux operating SYSTEMs, and see if they really are worth using. Is it time to leave Mr Gates and become a Penguin?

We also show you how to play FLASH (Aah, aah) animations on the Amiga. Yes it can be done. And we start a series on free games for the Amiga.

Our new featured "Trawled from the Net" has some funny and interesting Mpegs and PPS`s.

Plus all our usual jokes and mayhem you`ve come to know and love.

And no, I won`t do the joke about Uranus, though we do have some risque cartoons.

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