Free DVE software for $15 Donations

Date 4-May-2004 11:21:25
Topic: Miscellaneous News

A Free Gift When you Donate $15 or More, Give your Amiga/Video Toaster a Treat

Donate $15 or more to and get free DVE software for your Amiga and or Video Toaster Flyer system. Please visit the Open Video Toaster Forums for more details about this offer.

This 2 CD set is in addition to the Open Video Toaster Flyer Source CD-ROM anyone gets that donates $9.95 or more. We have many exciting ideas that have yet to be implemented for this site including paying programmers to remove the dependence upon the VT/Flyer hardware from the code. This would be a nice step so some of this code could be made to run under Amiga OS 4.0 on Amiga One.

Best regards

Open Video Toaster Team

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