Keysoft wins modding contest

Date 6-May-2004 21:15:50
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Gaby "Keysoft" Martínez, a Spanish old hand Amiga user, has won a modding contest promoted by one of the most important Spanish PC magazines, "PC Actual" (in Spanish), with two central pages devoted to explain the modding process and full of references to the Amiga and its parts.

His modding includes an A1200/040/PPC, a PS2 and a miniITX PC board, a 5" TFT screen for both PS2 and Amiga video output, among other things, all this in a really impressive BIG (20 x 91 x 45 cm) methacrylate case, with two nice Amiga signs on top.

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Congratulations to the winner!



EDIT: Some images of the winning case....

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