AmigaInsider Issue 2 is online

Date 6-May-2004 19:23:23
Topic: Miscellaneous News

AmigaInsider Issue 2 online

The german Amiga PDF Magazine "AmigaInsider" is
now online.

Read in Issue 2 about.

- Amiga Inc. sells AmigaOS
- How to install AmigaOS 4.0 Beta on your AmigaOne
- Desert Racing Preview (The last Amiga Classic Racing Game, this Game is in English too playable!)
- Die kleine Gilde II Preview
(You like games like "Kaiser" or "Hanse"?
Dont miss it and yes,a english version is in development! )
- PairsNG Preview
- Show Report from Amiga Party Holland and AmClust Meeting.
- Interviews
- Hollywood and C Workshop

Exclusive Preview from myKlondike!

and many more... Enjoy!

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