Webbit04 - First pics online

Date 7-May-2004 13:04:25
Topic: Events

Padova, Webbit04 May 7th

The show is very crowded :)
... and it's only friday (tomorrow, saturday, is the most important day)

Today we have here with us Alan Redhouse and Michele Battilana

This is not an Amiga event, but a mainstream IT show, so a lot of people are surprised by the fact Amiga is still there, and many are really interested
in the new HW and OS... (expectially the MicroA1)

Not only Amigas are present in our stand, but on show are also Pegasos, Lindows, debian and more alternative systems...

First pictures are available on AmigaShowArchive at


more will be added during the show.
(you will find also a link to the webcam mantained by Ikir Sector)

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