ColdFire Processers to include MMU unit

Date 19-May-2004 12:01:54
Topic: Hardware News

I think ColdFire processors were considered as an alternative/migration to/from the 68k for the Amiga. Anyway, this is a Slashdot story - and the Amiga is mentioned several times in the comments.

Slashdot story - Linux To Gain Another Chip Family

Freescale will unveil the first ColdFire processors ever to include a memory management unit (MMU), and therefore able to run full-scale Linux, this week at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, Calif. The chips cost $17 - $25, and are used mostly in industrial control and factory automation. Simultaneously, Freescale tools subsidiary Metrowerks announced plans to offer Linux development tools for Coldfire chips, which previously had been restricted to running uClinux due to the lack of an MMU.

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