Jabberwocky 1.5 second preview

Date 26-May-2004 8:19:21
Topic: Announcement

The second Preview of Jabberwocky V1.5 is ready. This Version is slightly modified.

- "Save..." gadget in chat windows activated.
- "Send File..." gadget in chat windows activated.
- "Save..." gadget in console window activated.

It has new AREXX scripts to support V1.5 Preview1's new features like use of multiple Jabber servers, or multiple user accounts. Also it has a new account manager, which gives you the an option to toggle the automatic overwriting of the "account.xml" file.
The JAM (Jabberwocky Account Manager) and the AREXX scripts can be downloaded separately.

The second Preview of 1.5 archive contains only the exacutable. You need a working Jabberwocky installation.
To use this version save a copy of your current version of Jabberwocky, rename this binary to Jabberwocky and copy it to your Jabberwocky directory.


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