LGeneral and OpenTTD Update (AmigaOS 68k/WarpOS)

Date 29-May-2004 20:35:52
Topic: Announcement

LGeneral for AmigaOS (68k und WarpOS)

Frank W. compiles a AmigaOS Version from the Game "LGeneral"
You need only the LGeneral-1.1.zip Archive.
Decrunch it to the Amiga Archive,thats all!

OpenTransport Tycoon Deluxe Update for AmigaOS (68k und WarpOS)

A Update for the OpenTransport Tycoon Deluxe Amiga Port is ready too.
Fast Ram problem is fixed and Keyboard support.

To play LGeneral in fullscreen edit the lgeneral.conf file
fullscreen<< 1

Download AmigaOS Archive: http://home.arcor.de/f_menzel/lGeneral.lha
Download LGeneral-1.1.zip http://lgames.sourceforge.net/index.php?project=LGeneral

OpenTransport Tycoon Deluxe Update for AmigaOS (68k und WarpOS)

To play it in Fullscreen change the openttd.cfg file

fullscreen true

Download: http://home.arcor.de/f_menzel/downl.html

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