Prerelease CDs reach end users!

Date 4-Jun-2004 8:21:16
Topic: News

June 3rd, the first AOS4 prerelease CDs have reached end users marking the end of a long wait for over 1000 AmigaONE owners, and of course the start of another wait for the final release, here is a brief resume of the breaking news:

The news broke here Its Arrived ( AW ) and on in followups to the German Language version of this article Prerelease Ships.

Within a few hours confirmations rolled in, Eyetech replied to one users enquiry saying that their direct customers would get theirs next week.

One member of #morphos popped into #amigaworld to tell us they were taking bets on how many banana dance smileys ( ) there would be once they were all shipped ( 183 IIRC - Im not sure if this is supposed to be all the users of A1s they think there will be or if only Bodie will be posting one banana thread ) but to help this along a Dancing Banana Overload thread has been started. Lets see if we can't get them to lose another bet.

Peter Gordon ( Xeron ) immediately directed users to his download site to get some OS4 toys.

It was confirmed that pre-release CDs are shipping with new A1 purchases.

Requests for a review rolled in ( and Im sure will be pleased to host it ) and no doubt someone will provide one but I believe Total Amiga Magazine has one in their next issue.

Enjoy... and... well done Hyperion and friends.

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