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Date 6-Jun-2004 16:34:22
Topic: Announcement

After reading about problems people have been having uploading large files to the web for the rest of the community to access, I have created an FTP account where you can upload whatever files you like to be made available for the Amiga Community.

There are no file size limits so very large files can be hosted, but to prevent this from being abused, it is being made available on request, rather than being left open to the entire internet.

The way this works is quite simple, you just PM me, asking for a username/password to log in to the server, you can then ftp your file, let me know when you are done and I'll add a link to the file from the main AmigaOneProductions website. (and move it to a private folder where it will then be protected from being overwritten / deleted by anyone else)

Please apply by Private Message only as this service is available for members only !

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