Third preview of Jabberwocky V1.5 ready

Date 7-Jun-2004 21:07:18
Topic: Software News

The Jabberwocky team released the third preview of the popular ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber client for Amiga.

Jabberwocky v1.5pre3 Changes:

* File Transfer window localized.
* Previously overlooked labels in other windows localized.
* Menus reorganized by Matthias.
* Functions added to implement "Sound Notify" menu item.
* Added functioning "Command Notify" menu item.
* ARexx "Execute Script" menu item implemented with file
requester to select the script to execute.
* Menu shortcuts added to default English version.
* Menu shortcuts and translations added German and French locale catalogs.
* All other catalogs are updated but need translations and menu shortcuts.
* Made Tabs in main window and "User Information" window accessible
from the keyboard.
* "Accept & Subscribe" button in "Subscription Requests" window
* Keyboard control added to Chat, Console and Write windows.

* Non-functioning "change to" radio button removed from "User Information"
window. No code existed to implement the function and changing Jabber
subscriptions indirectly is questionable.
* Non-functioning "Show Online Users" & "Popup Notify" menu items
temporarily removed from GUI until code exists to implement them.

Visit the Jabberwocky homepage to download.

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