Swedish OS4 Pre-release Parties

Date 10-Jun-2004 23:05:12
Topic: Events

With the long awaited delivery of AmigaOS4 Developers prerelease,
ACG Gothenburg, Swedish User group of Amiga and Syntax Society
are pleased to announce the OS4 prerelease Parties!

One party will be in Landskrona on the 18-20:th of June! The other in Stockholm, date TBA!
Link to invitation!

The plan is to get as many new and old Amigans together and celebrate
this wonderful occation. Everyone is encuraged to bring their AmigaONE
or Classic Amiga to the party. There will be a small entry fee of 50SEK
for everyone with a computer.

During the weekend we will have plenty of activities such as a big
party-barbeque, the classic ?kast med liten hårddisk? -contest an much
much more.

So for gods sake do not miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!!

Join your fellow Amigans and spend the better part of a sunny weekend
in a basement with your computer, without parents, boy/girlfriends, wifes
or husebounds asking you to ?help out around the house.?

More information on http://www.acggbg.org (Swedish only, sorry! )


ACGGbg, SUA & Syntax Society

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