PageStream 5.0 and 5.0Pro Announced

Date 16-Jun-2004 9:25:53
Topic: Software News

Grasshopper have announced two new releases of PageStream (their powerful DTP application) for all supported platforms including Amiga.

New features of version 5 include:
o Alpha Blending for Text and Objects
o Picture Transparency
o Text Widow and Orphan Control
o Definable Printer Marks
o More Shortcuts
o Path Flatten and Smooth
o Hanging Bullets, DropCaps and Number
o New Duplicate Objects Method
o and more!

In addition the Pro edition can:
o Place PDF Objects
o Export Objects as Bitmap
o Automatically Adjust Text Width Justify
o Gradient/Radial Blend Masks for
o Path Math: Union/Add/Unique/Subtract
o and more!

The 68K Amiga version is expected later this month but you can order an upgrade or the full version now.

Further details, prices and an on-line shop are available from the Grasshopper LLC website.

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